President John F. Kennedy's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, made two interesting radio appearances in August of 1963 on radio station WDSU in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Three months later, on November 22nd, Oswald took his rifle to work and killed President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.

Both of the radio programs with Lee Oswald,
in their entirety, can be heard below....




"Lee Harvey Oswald was a first-rate, bona fide kook. And he killed
President John F. Kennedy, by himself, when he was afforded the perfect opportunity
on November 22, 1963.

"Knowing Oswald ([who] we know for an absolute fact had murder in his veins, via the attempt on General Edwin Walker's life 7 months earlier), it would probably have been criminal (from Oswald's POV) to have allowed such a golden opportunity to pass him
by when the President of the country he hated conveniently drove right by the
Texas School Book Depository at 11 MPH.

"How often does a chance like that drive by your workplace doorstep (in an
open-top convertible, no less)? It's almost as if Oswald was daring HIMSELF to
take those shots at the President."

-- David Von Pein; September 11, 2007



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